Photo by: Roberta Lister

Currently, there is a new skincare trend taking place and has been making all beauty lovers, especially millennials trying every skincare product in order to achieve glowing glass skin.

According to Alicia Yoon, a founder of Peach & Lily, glass skin is the idea of translucent and transparent skin. Alicia Yoon explained that glowing skin, without any dark spots and similar in appearance to glass represents sign of youthfulness and it’s one of the most strived qualities for beauty lovers.

Of course, everyone's skin care routine varies depending on the type of skin; however, we can share some techniques that can help beauty lovers to get very smooth and shiny skin. Below are tips for getting glistening glass-like skin.

1.     Double Cleanse

The Deep-Cleansing Technique that was recently famous as skin care technique in Japan is known as Double Cleansing. You cannot ignore how important it is to do double cleansing on your face at night especially when you are wearing make-up or a thick sunscreen. In addition, any sweat, oil, pollutants or dirt cannot be easily lost.

Ideally, for the first cleansing, beauty lovers can use cleansing oil or cleanser in gel form, followed by cleaning the face again using facial cleansing foam.


2.     Apply Toner

Toner is one of the secrets to getting skin that shines at home, especially for those of you who are prone to acne or have oily skin types. The reason is because toners can help shrink and close the pores of the face, restore balance the pH of the skin, and of course refresh the skin.

Therefore an effective way of using toner is to directly apply toner evenly around the face and neck at night and in the morning using cotton. In addition, to get optimum results, many beauty experts who recommend applying toner repeatedly up to 7 times.


3.     Apply Essence

Essence is better for hydrating and can directly help strengthen defense on the skin. Essence also helps beauty lovers to be able to lock and make your skin care products easily absorb quickly and effectively. Effective ways of using essence on the face is by directly applying the essence on the face and gently pat all areas of your face, do not wipe it too rough to prevent tugging that can cause wrinkles.


4.     Moisturize

Ideally glowing skin like glass will not form without a moisturizer. In its use, beauty lovers can use a moisturizer at the time after bathing and also after the skin exfoliates. Moisturizers can also help the skin stay young because it helps stimulate blood circulation and helps produce new cells.

Then how to choose the right moisturizer that suits your skin type?

The best way is to directly see the ingredients in the moisturizer. Look for a moisturizer that contains Vitamin B5 to increase the level of moisture and firmness of the skin. Vitamin E can help protect new skin and prevent damage to the skin. In addition, moisturizers that contain Collagen can help reduce wrinkles, brighten facial skin to make it look smoother, softer and also shine.

5.     PF Protection

Furthermore, after giving some treatment to your skin, the most important thing is not to try to damage it from UV light. During the day, whether from the sun or rain, try to use a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 to prevent dark spots or wrinkles.